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iStockPicker Features: Be successful with the right information

If you want to be successful you need to gain an advantage with the right opportunities. iStockPicker evaluates the correct entry and exit points to bring you the right opportunities so that you stay ahead of others.

We are designed for the active trader to give you 100% automated and unbiased trade alerts powered by the iStockPicker's Artificial Intelligent Stock Prediction Engine .

Premium Features

  • Instant Text & Email alerts
  • Online Portal Access - Get Notifications as soon as a stock is selected.
  • Access to Weekly Bonus Pick's : Increase your profit with extra selections.
  • Customizable Alerts - Get only the Alerts you want.
  • Rationale Date - Get insight into the reason(s) and rationale our AI used to select a stock, helping you make better decisions.).
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Our average trade alert yields a 1-3% profit in same day trading. We have analyzed more than 60,000 gigabytes of historical stock data so that our system has the ability to target and alert our users of only the best stocks with the most potential to rise.

We use historical data along with news and social media analysis to rank and alert stocks that are have a high statistical probability in rising more than 2% in the same trading day. We provide our services through a single customizable web application with email and text alerts.

iStockPicker takes the value of years or software engineering, mathematics, artificial intelligent cloud systems, market experience and dedication away from the big brokerage houses and puts it right in your hands!