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iStockPicker's Track Record

iStockPicker offers traders a simple automated and unbiased day trading system alerting users of the ones with the best trade potential presented in an easy to understand, actionable format, requiring very little learning curve. Here is a 2 week history of the alerts we sent to our users.


Overall Average Gain Per Pick


Wins Last 7 Days*


Wins Last 30 Days*


Wins Last 60 Days*

  • Price @ Alert
  • High (After Alert)
  • %Profit (*APY/Simple)
  • Date/Time Alerted

* A "Win" is considered to be a stock that meets or exceeds our projected gain percentage within 3 trading days of alert being sent.

* High after alert is the highest price the predicted stock met within 3 trading days of alert being sent.
*An annualized total return or annulized percentage yield(APY) is the geometric average amount of money earned by an investment each year over a given time period. It is calculated as a geometric average to show what an investor would earn over a period of time if the annual return was compounded. An annualized total return provides only a snapshot of an alerts performance and does not give investors any indication of its volatility. Read more: Annualized Total Return Definition | Investopedia Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook